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Flames-Cor Arden, Corona Mundi

Helena Roerich

Helena Ivanovna Roerich (1879 – 1955)

Philosopher and writer of Living Ethics, called The Agni Yoga Series,  a philosophical and Ethics Teaching. 

Helena begun receiving the material for her writings around March 1920, while living in London.  Her works on Living Ethics was created in cooperation and under the guidance of the Spiritual Teachers of the East, The Great Mahatmas, so named owing to the highest spiritual level of Their consciousness.  Helena was highly clairvoyant and was given these "teachings' by most specifically,  Master El Morya,  For many people, all over the world, they became guidelines to life. The books focus on issues of ethics as the greatest influence  in the furtherance of spiritual enlightenment and cultural evolution of humanity.  As well, addresses, first and foremost, the everyday conditions of a highly conscious, loving life for every person.

According to Living Ethics, Universe is the immense spiritual-energy system in which a man plays the most important role.The moral perfection, strict observance of ethical laws and comprehension of key factor of Culture in the development of human society are basic principles of spiritual and historical development of humanity. It’s impossible to build the better future without respecting knowledge and Culture.

A man, according to the Teaching of Living Ethics, influences the Cosmic processes greatly. Particular attention is paid to the consciousness of a man and the culture of thinking, as thought is energy, capable of filling space and effecting its surroundings. A man is directly responsible for the quality of his thoughts, words, and deeds, because not only his spiritual and physical health depend on them, but also the condition of the entire planet.

Calling people to live in accordance with Cosmic Laws, the Living Ethics opens unlimited possibilities for the spiritual transformation of life, the expansion of consciousness, and the acquirement of high moral standards.

In 1929, Helena Roerich’s book «On Eastern crossroads» was published under the pseudonym of J.Saint-Hilaire in Paris. In it the author depicted legendary and historical events of the ancient times and shed light on unknown aspects of life of the Great Teachers of humanity – Buddha, Jesus Christ, Appolonius of Tiana, Sergius of Radonezh.

Roerich Pact and Banner Of Peace

Pax Cultura-Treaty on the protection of the world's cultural heritage.

The Roerichs' were involved throughout their careers with the thoughts of beauty, cultural refinement and enlightenment, through the cultural mediums such as the arts, written, drawn or painted, sculptured, or constructed edifices and avidly sought their preservation.

They came to realize that the cultural heritage of each nation is in essence a world treasure.  Their ideas of cultural heritage broadened to include more than just the physical remains of earlier cultures—the buildings and art, for example—but also the creative activities, the universities, the libraries, the hospitals, the concert halls and theaters. All must be protected from the ravages of war and neglect.

It became clear to the Roerichs that an international effort was required. During the nineteen-twenties, Nicholas composed a treaty with the assistance of international legal experts. This treaty came to be known as The Roerich Pact.

The Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace movement grew rapidly during the early nineteen-thirties, with centers in a number of countries. There were three international conferences, in Bruges, Belgium, in Montevideo, Uruguay, and in Washington, D.C.  The Pact itself declared the necessity for protection of the cultural product and activity of the world—both during war and in peace—and prescribed the method by which all sites of cultural value would be declared neutral and protec ted, (similar, the Red Cross does with hospitals). Indeed, the Roerich Pact was often called The Red Cross of Culture.

The Roerich Pact was first agreed to by twenty-one nations of the Americas and signed as a treaty in the White House, in the presence of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on April 15, 1935, by all the members of the Pan-American Union. It was later signed by other countries.

B A N N E R  O F  P E A C E

A SYMBOL of our unification in the propagation of the  protection of the world's cultural values, artifacts, and historical monuments.

Intro Art: Asian Spirit by Gabriela Stauffer

Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich (1874 – 1947)

Trained as an artist and a lawyer, his main interests were literature, philosophy, archaeology, and especially art. Roerich was a dedicated activist for the cause of artistic and architectural preservation in peace and especially  during times of war.   The so-called Roerich Pact was signed into law by the United States and most nations of the Pan-American Union in April 1935. He earned several nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize long list.[6]. 

The cross-fertilization of the arts that Roerich promoted was evidence of his inclination to harmonize, bring together, and find correspondences between apparent conflicts or opposites in all areas of life. This was a hallmark of his thinking, and one sees it demonstrated in all the disciplines he explored. He constantly sought to break down compartmentalization, and, indeed, even in his own art he defied categorization and created a universe uniquely personal. In his writings on ethics also, it can be seen that he constantly sought to connect ethical problems with scientific knowledge of the surrounding world.

It was Roerich’s gift that these “connections” appeared so natural to him and presented themselves in all life’s manifestations. And it was this talent for synthesis, which he admired in others and encouraged in the young, that enabled him to correlate the subjective with the objective, the philosophical with the scientific, Eastern wisdom with Western knowledge, and to build bridges of understanding between such apparent contradictions. He reminded us that these contradictions were often the result of man’s ignorance, and that an expanding consciousness, which each individual was duty-bound to pursue, would lead to eventual recognition of the illusoriness, or relativity, of things.  

They settled in New York City, which became the base of their many American operations. 

The Roerichs initiated several institutions during these years: Cor Ardens and Corona Mundi, both of which were meant to unite artists around the globe in the cause of civic activism; the Master Institute of United Arts, an art school with an exceptionally versatile curriculum, and the eventual home of the first Nicholas Roerich Museum; and an American Agni Yoga Society. They also joined various theosophical societies, and their activities with these groups dominated their lives.

The Way Of The Heart

The Clarion Call Of The Heart

Return to communion with your Heart, bearing witness to involution, the thermo arc to direct evolution on earth by the spiral intensity of consciousness: which regenerates, creates form, transforms and transcends states; attracting currents (energies) of whirling cosmic fire, elucidating the 

Heart of the World; 

Thereby, not only defining but refining the consciousness of humanity, heightening awareness to full re-intergration, engendering from dark ignorance, the seed to soulfully understand; winding empathy to profound sensitized feelings, procreating and emanating forth no longer disruptive weather patterns due to states of anger, anguish, sadness, disease, negativity and ignorance but laudable healing and glorious conditions due to genuine feelings and heart-felt expressions of joyfulness, thankfulness, release and overall peace!  

Open the Book Of Life,

Thy Fiery Heart!

Be Peace, filled




A Practitioner's Call To Help Nourish And Emblaze The Sacred Flame Of The Heart:

A Flame is Active----

A Flame is Vital----

A Flame is Eternal.

I Am a God Flame of radiant love from the very Heart of God In the Great Central Sun, descending from the Master of Life!

Pilgrim upon earth, I Am walking daily the way of the Ascended Master’s Victory that leads to my Eternal Freedom by the power of the Sacred Fire this day and always...

Continually made manifest in my thoughts, feelings and immediate awareness. Transcending and transmuting all the elements of earth within my four lower bodies and freeing me by the power of the Sacred Fire from those misqualified foci of energy within my being.

I AM set free right now from all that binds. By and through the currents of the Divine Flame of the Sacred Fire itself. Whose ascending action makes me God in manifestation, God in action, God by direction and God in consciousness!

I AM an Active Flame,

I AM a Vital Flame,

I AM an Eternal Flame.

I AM an expanding Fire Spark from the Great Central Sun

Drawing to me now every ray of divine energy I need and which can never be requalified by the human; flooding me with the light and God illumination of a thousand suns to take dominion and rule supreme forever, every where I AM.

Where I AM, God Is, also.

Un-separated forever I remain. Increasing my light by the smile of His Radiance, the fullness of His Love, the Omnipotence of His Wisdom and the Power of His Life, Eternal.  

Which automatically, raises me on ascension wings of victory!

That returns me to the Heart of God, from whence in Truth I Am come to do God’s Will and manifest Abundant Life to all, as All.

A Keeper’s Daily Prayer


by Elizabeth Claire Prophet

Namaste & Welcome

My worldly name is Cheryl.  I AM creatively, consciously and unconsciously  reflecting Agni Yoga.  It is for goodness sake, for the sake of Aflaming Heart and for the mind's sake, I spiraled into the study and practice of yoga in 1968 with renown western practitioner and TV guru, Richard L. Hittleman.  During this period there was an accelerated interest and experimentation in eastern cultural eating habits, practices of meditation, self-examination, and "ahimsa" or non-injurious means.  

Richly applied this results in a vegetarian diet, transcendental meditation practices, moral and civil rights, realized peace and actualized liberated estates for altruism to flourish.  Sacred regard for the individual establishes the will to honor, protect and instill safeguards for the liberty and highest consideration of others, inducing environmental harmonies for the earth and all life.  

Such clear will is service in the noble applied life science, Agni Yoga.

Quickened and inspired, I immediately synthesized and developed a regular personal daily yoga practice.  Within three years, I began teaching yoga in Islamic Temples.  My simultaneous years as yogini and Sufi Mystic in Islamic and yogic practice and studies, revealed a beloved and beautific soul.  

Enamored, I whole-heartedly, for well over 25 years, engaged in active membership in AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis), or more commonly known as the Rosicrucian Order, a cultural, initiatic and philosophical fraternity.  

AMORC systematizes and explores the ancient and modern Gnostic, religious, and spiritual teachings for the Western minded.  This systemized instruction incensed and spiritually sponsored my active membership in also, the Traditional Martinist Order, which is in the initiatic Judeo-Christian Mysticism tradition, a repository of Sepher Yezirah and Kabbalah. 

Along with these membership activities and requisite study, having always loved the profound writings of Paramahansa Yoganandaji, I then delved into his systematic instruction as a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship.  

Furthermore, I have been crowned by Ch'an Meditation, often known as Zen and its study and practice called Buddhism.

I Am Ablaze! I Am Aflame! I Am Fire!  The quote of Beloved Jesus, the Christ, "Our God is a consuming fire" is the only adequate way to express the God Within, the inner Master and Teacher; et sequentia my commitment, my devotion, my absorption in the Way, the Truth, the Light and Life consummated and, yes, consumed by That Great See.

Upon every cognized perception of truth, graced me, I have bathed and basked in the glow of the Son's Light, for my daily bread on a variety pallet of election.  I elect to identify with the All-in-All, races, creeds, religions, deeds and doers. 

The wholly (holy) identity is non-dual and its oneness as unity surrenders and thus ultimately absorbed as Divine Pure Consciousness, is Pristine Clear.  "That," Pure, Undefiled, is non-conceptual in thoughts, feelings, or volition, nor can mere language fully, perfectly, adequately or aptly express it.  Albeit the feeling and knowingness of the heart is real and results daily in spontaneous outpouring, indeed. 

"That," is the direct catalyst for the Great Synthesis of my life experiences taken to heart.  Agni Yoga (AY), the Yoga of Life, the dispeller of darkness is the most worthy of the praises of all living masters and of the ancient seers.  Let us approach in reverential homage,



O' Agni, to Thee, dispeller of darkness and of the night, day by day, we pray and we meditate, we enter into Thy Flaming Heart, Thy Bosom of Glory.

In reverence we come to Thee.

O' Agni, of effulgent glow, Thou Illuminator, Thou Radiant One, ever expanding, regenerating Thy Holy Abode, Thou Art ever close. 

O' Agni, forever stay within our hearts for our peace increase in Thee.  


The Great Synthesis of Agni Yoga is for any noble son or daughter who wishes to engage in the perfection of wisdom by the Way of the Sacred, Cosmic HeartFire.

Be, Aflame! 

Through pure commitment, refinement of thought and conscious awareness of experience, Agni Yoga, Cosmic HeartFire establishes a guiding relationship with the Hierarchy of Light, the Beloved Masters of Wisdom who will show you the Way of eternal joy, the foundational spring of eternal youth, the stream of "continuity," yea, the river of life, without end!  Harken and listen to Their approach: 

   "We greet you in the Bonds of Peace:

We bid you, 'Welcome' from the fiery core of being.  Hear this Call, one and all, enter into Our Cosmic Abode and find the sweet glory of grace; enter herein and be..., face-to-face with Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  To come to 'That,' the sacred place, place of peace profound, your home in Silence, consciously listen, swell and renew.  Return to the Origin in God and the marriage to your twin flame, the marriage of Heart and Reason, of flaming Sparks of the Divine Light.  Re-affirm the beginnings, the eternal service, as you, the ever renewed soaring spirits in the compassionate embrace of service to humanity, whisper in the acceleration of involuton for the evolution of a planet and its people."


*Agni Yoga Society


I will be waiting here

 For your silence to break

 For your soul to shake

 For your love to wake.

-- Rumi

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YACEP and E-RYTs are uniquely qualified to train teachers.  Both E-RYT 500 and RYT 500 are qualified as 

Continuing Education providers.  The continuing education standards call for a certain amount of training and teaching experience every three years.

 To retain registry status and meet requisite standards, RYTs 200 or 500 will:

accumulate 30 CEUs in reviewed/renewed or advanced techniques,


anatomy & physiology, 

yoga philosphy/lifestyle & ethics, and


in any of the above categories, in each three-year period.


Additionally, as Artisan of the Rose Croix, my representation is provided: 

To insure clearly qualified authentic initiatic yoga instruction. 

Protecting the uninitiated, neophyte, or beginner in yoga, as well the initiated advanced student, is an essential aspect of authentic instruction. This confirms proper preparation for the highest spiritually imbued, scientific-based, known and yet-to-be-unveiled Sacred Teachings; so ancient in nature as the Way, to live the Truth of our being, here and now.                                                          


Emphasize the import and inclusion of the traditional, disciplined, home practice.

Self- Mastery

Hierarchy Contact                                                                                                                                                              

*Agni Yoga Society

I will be waiting here

 For your silence to break

 For your soul to shake

 For your love to wake.

-- Rumi

The Awareness Of Beauty Will Save The World.~NR

Application Is The Key Of Things Achieved And Yet To Be. ~ CAH

' ,,,you must proceed through the Gates of Patience,

    And you will enter through the

        Gates of Service.

    And chiefly, remember the Lotus of Trust

        both day and night.'

 Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par. 369


Experience meditation? First, look to your posture: arrange the legs in the most comfortable position; set the backbone straight as an arrow. Place your hands in the position of meditative equipoise, four finger widths below your navel, with the left hand on the bottom, right hand on top, and your thumbs touching to form a triangle. This placement of the hands has connection with the place inside the body where inner heat is generated. Bending the neck down slightly, allow the mouth and teeth to be as usual, with the top of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth near the top teeth. Let the eyes gaze downwards loosely -- it is not necessary that they be directed to the end of the nose; they can be pointed toward the floor in front of you if that seems more natural. Do not open the eyes too wide nor forcefully close them; leave them open a little. Sometimes they will close of their own accord; that is all right. Even if your eyes are open, when your mental consciousness becomes steady upon its object, these appearances to the eye consciousness will not disturb you. ~ Dalai Lama

The Exercise of Consciousness Is The Yoga Of The Heart!

The Quest: Know Thy Self and to Thine Own Self, Be True.

Agni Yoga is for any noble son or daughter who wishes to engage in the perfection of wisdom by the Way of eternal Truth, the Sacred Cosmic HeartFire.

The Cosmic Fiery Plan: Self-regeneration of Divine Sparks of Light is for the acceleration of evolution.  Thus, the bid is to Trust and much ado about Nothing, the non-conceptualization, non-thing, non-thinking graceful awakening of the conscious dynamic tension of peaceful equilibrium. This ushers in straight-knowledge from the heart, the Truth of your Being, your purpose and great mission in life.

'I am sending a living spring,

    To bathe your eyes and ears.

    And the Miracle will be manifested,

    And a Bridge of Beauty will lead you on your new path.'

 Leaves of Morya's Garden, I: The Call, par.  344

Referred Links

Agni Yoga (AY)

Agni Yoga, the very heart of what matters, and how it matters not, here and now, is the furtherance of 'the application of pure conscious fiery awareness, the Radiant Principle in an illumined life.'

Fiery World~Remembrance

'From cycle to cycle, through time and through space your lives with your longings will ever keep pace. And 'all that you ask for and all you desire,  may come at your bidding, as flames out of fire.'

The Light That Shines in Our Heart

"Our God is a consuming fire."~ Heb.12:29'  'After our daily labors, let us...discourse about the Heart. It will lead beyond the domains of Earth towards the Subtle bring us closer to the sphere of Fire.'

Glossary-A Treasury of Terms

In the Brotherhood each one works as much as he can.  Each one helps in accordance with his talents and the measure of his forces; 'each one does not condemn in his heart.'

Aum-OM-Home 'The Rose Of Sharon'

"To be or not to be" ~Shakespeare.   You are the initiates in the gifts of Light, Life and Love.  Lest you forget the Source from whence you come, or your reason for being,  'Go Be, Whole and Complete....Wholly Ascended in the Light, and Free!'


Hence, calling  upon 'the Light, which lighteth every one that cometh into the world' by whom we have access to the Very Origins of Light; to contemplate the 'Highest' and the Hierarchy of the Celestial World. 

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Consciously maintaining vibrant health, good hygene and mindful wellness, requires you to please, bring your own cleaned yoga mat, a freshly laundered towel, bottled water to stay hydrated, an openness and an attitude to commit to practice.

As needed, you are also welcome to request to use any available studio mats and/or towels which rent for $1 each.  

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*Please note: Any and all students may make a payment simply by donation basis.  No one will be denied attendance based on their inability to pay.


Learn or review the basics movements of Agni Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga.


Engage in the methods and techniques that initiate inspired wisdom notes which reveal divinity and issue true inner beauty and joyful daily play for the practice of life.

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